Testimonial by A B.

I am not proud to say i have two duis but i do; and this attorney has done more to help me than I ever imagined any attorney ever would. She is personable, non judgmental, and judges seem to respect and know her. She isn’t pricey and is worth every dollar that she does charge. She has gone before the judge and helped me change things in my order such as community service days, helped me get a reduced sentence, and reinstated my dui classes with no xtra fines when I screwed up and missed too many classes due to financial hardship. Last time i was in trouble she even showed up without me calling her because she saw my name on the docket! She is amazing! This is the lawyer that changed my mind about what I think about lawyers. She is wonderful. You should call her if you need a criminal attorney. I cant imagine a better all around choice.


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