Testimonial by Mark W

Stephanie was by far the best defense attorney I have ever worked with. I was caught up in a unfortunate situation where I was facing license suspension, delaying an officer, and a felony possession. Two of the three circumstances were no fault of my own, and the officer abused his authority. Stephanie heard my case and instantly took charge of the situation and handled everything! I never had to take a day off of work or even show up in a court room. She was able to reach reasonable compromise that was more than fair given the situation. She keep me informed every step of the way by phone and mail. I was always in the loop. Several times she had to appear in court to work out the stipulations for a dismal and through her experience, legal knowledge, and sheer persistence , the ultimate goal was accomplished and the issue was resolved. Case closed!!! She not only took care of the problem but secured a solid future for me in that I would still maintain a clean record. Words can’t describe how grateful I am for a legit, and honest lawyer. On behalf of my family and myself thank you Stephanie!


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