Ms. Rickard is the absolute consumate professional, and without question the most thorough, personable, knowledgeable, and results-oriented attorney I have ever worked with. Her accessibility, concern, and follow-through are just a few of her many strong attributes as both a wonderful person and as an outstanding attorney.


Stephanie saved my life by representing me. She is a great Lawyer and a great person all around.

A Criminal Defense client

My husband got an accident and under influence of medical condition. He left the site without exchange information to the other party. The police was not convinced by his statement and he was charged by hit and run. It was the worst nightmare for him and the whole family. It is also our first time (...)


Stephanie sincerely discussed and analyzed the case during the free consultation. She didn’t over-promised me in order to get the business.


Stephanie Rickard is the best criminal attorney in Santa Clara County.


My son was foolish and drove while under the influence and hit a car. We hired a different lawyer first and this was a disaster. Stephanie took over the case and got the best result possible in a fast and professional manner. Very happy we found her and for the results she produced.


I was a client approx 3 months ago. I am a retired attorney and know the qualities of an outstanding criminal law attorney – intelligence, a keen ability to apply the facts to the law, a special insight into human nature, and far reaching contacts in the legal field. In my situation, Ms. Rickard fulfilled (...)

A DUI client

My son made a bad situation worse by giving false information to law enforcement that actually made charges worse than if he told the truth not because he was charged with lying but because he couldn’t take back the lie.


My wife was involved in an accident whereby she lost control of her vehicle and hit a street tree and sign. Given hers was the only vehicle and no other persons were involved, she didn’t know what to do. Given she was upset, but not injured, she decided to drive home. Because there was property (...)

Kevin S.

When you need the very best . . . I was fortunate to get Stephanie Rickard’s phone number from a friend at a time when I needed the advice and counsel of a good criminal lawyer. Even before I met her in person, she answered my questions and took my phone calls. Through the course (...)


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