Testimonial by Valerie

I was impressed with Stephanie right away. I left her a voice mail and she returned my phone call within 45 minutes. I had been in a car accident and was arrested with DUI charges. I was very stressed about what was going to happen, and Stephanie made me feel very comfortable and it was so easy to be myself and talk to her openly about the whole thing. She never made me feel like I was the bad guy, she was very empathetic. Any time I called and left messages, she always called me back right away. I believe Stephanie helped me out tremendously with my case and I am so happy that I had her to defend and support me. When I was not able to leave work to meet with her to review the details of my court case coming up, she offered to come meet me at my place of work and did just that. In my place of business, we strive to go “Above and Beyond”, and I feel that this is exactly what she did for me, was go above and beyond. I would definitely reccomend her and would absolutely use her services again. (Although that will not be happening, I have learned my lesson!)


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